Willow Walks Studio - The Story So Far

Willow Walks Studio - The Story So Far

When you find a small business that you love, you want to share their journey, right? With that in mind, our founder Jo is here to tell you the story (so far) of Willow Walks Studio and what it’s all about...

From the beginning

Every story starts somewhere, and this one starts with my black miniature schnauzer Willow. Willow is my baby and my little miss sunshine! We’re joined at the hip. She’s a social butterfly and adores everyone and we’re both obsessed with each other.

When I got Willow, I was so excited to shop beautiful, fashion-forward dog accessories but I was soon disappointed by what I found on the market. There was nothing out there that represented my style; quirky, fun and on-trend. Despite living in London and having a world of choice on my doorstep, I struggled to find the collars and leads I imagined buying for Willow. 

I figured there must be other dog owners out there just like me that want to express their love of fashion through their dogs accessories. I have been a fashion buyer for years and creating looks and reacting to trends is part of what I do. I wanted to bring my love of styling to Willow, but nothing was quite matching up to my expectations. 

So, what do you do when you can’t find what you’re looking for? You design it yourself!

The inspiration

When I pictured what Willow Walks would look like, I envisioned fun, colourful designs that didn’t compromise on quality. I wanted to stay away from busy prints and prominent branding, keeping the aesthetics soft and pretty; think pastels, dual tones and sophisticated bolds. I don’t take life too seriously (and neither do our dogs!) so I really wanted this to come across when people discovered my brand.

I also wanted a focus on leather products. When previously shopping for Willow, I struggled to find pretty, good quality leather collars and leads that didn’t break the bank. Spotting the gap in the market, I knew I wanted to create pretty, premium leather products without the hefty price tag. And this is exactly what you’ll find when you shop our brand. There’s something to get every tail wagging.

So, what’s next?

This is only the beginning and the future's looking bright and colourful for Willow Walks. I want to be dropping fashion-forward newness all the time and making sure I’m forever bringing you beautiful, unique, durable and affordable pieces that you won’t find anywhere else on the market. We also hope to expand our product offering into more areas and categories of dog lifestyle and perhaps even move this online venture into something physical… watch this space.


I hope you’ll agree that we’re doing things differently over here at Willow Walks. We’re bridging the gap between practicality and fashion for your dog. We’re so excited to continue this journey - so stick around and be a part of it. I hope you love our products just as much as I do!


Jo x

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