Everything you want to know about your fave brand..And then some..

Willow Walks started off based on the love of dogs and the lack of fashion for them.

Hey! I'm Jo and I’ve been a fashion buyer for years. Creating looks have always been a passion of mine and to react to the latest trends is part of what I do. When I got my puppy Willow I could not wait to get her matching leads and collars that represented my style and matched my outfits. But, I soon realised that it would be harder than I initially thought.. it was quite the disappointment really!

Despite living in London, the offer was nowhere near anything I could identify myself with and the excitement of shopping for my puppy died out shop by shop. I thought the limitless world of online shopping would help but the websites were hard to navigate. I wanted good quality yet quirky designs and I struggled. Even though I was willing to spend money the existing offer felt dated, and just not very me!

I soon realised that this was the case in general where the pet industry is dominated by old fashion corporate businesses that doesn’t combine quality with great fashion forward design. The products are all fully functional but far from fashionable and due to the lack of options for the consumer they still sell since there isn't much else out there!

However, I felt that wasn’t good enough..

After not finding anything decent I was willing to spend my pennies on I decided to do it myself. And, here we are!

I hope you feel that I have bridged the gap and due to my background in fashion I do things differently. I stay on top of the current trends and I create products that I personally love and believe in yet I’m aware of the market and demands.

I want newness all the time and the latest trends and best pieces at affordable prices and that’s what I want to offer you.

I hope you love our products as much as I do and that you will stay happy shopping xx